The 3 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance

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The 3 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance

You’re likely familiar with Franklin Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Somewhat less intimidatingly, a recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review has revealed that there are likely only three habits that drastically improve one’s productivity.

These three behaviours are: (1) planning and working based on top priorities and a clear objective, (2) developing methods of managing information and task overload, and (3) being aware of the needs of your colleagues for responsive communication and clear directions (Pozen & Downey, 2019).

While it’s easy to see the difference these habits could potentially make to your working life, their relationship to your choice of life insurance may be less clear. At Elevate, we believe they offer a valuable lens through which we can focus on just what makes our insurance offering so unique.

1. Planning, prioritising and working to an objective

Life insurance is all about planning, and our AI-driven platform facilitates this by analysing a range of your data and using it to craft a policy that is uniquely suited to your circumstances, and can change as they do. Likewise, our data insights help you prioritise the healthy behaviours that will enable you to reach your health objectives, and earn generous rewards while doing so. 

2. Dealing with information overload

There are few greater challenges today than wading through the clutter of misinformation, focusing on the right information, and understanding how this information can best be turned into knowledge to improve your specific circumstances. At Elevate, we thrive on the information you choose to share with us. Our customer-centric approach enables us to utilise this data to create innovative insurance products that provide you with maximum value and meet your unique set of needs.

To ensure that the Elevate offering evolves with your life’s journey, our digital customer portal provides you with a simple, single view of your holistic health, finances and wellbeing – all in one place – and a bespoke set of wellness goals each month to provide you with the knowledge on how to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

3. The need for responsive communication and clear direction

Technology and data are a means to an end; they are not the end. At Elevate, we encourage you to share your data with us so that we can provide you with a truly personalised financial services experience. We don’t take lightly the trust our customers put in us when sharing details of their personal circumstances – and we know our customers can revoke this privilege at any time. To honour this trust, we use best-in-class technology and evidence-based insights into your data to ensure that we provide optimal value by tailoring our communications, touchpoints and experiences to be as specific as possible to our customers’ ever-changing situations and needs. This clear focus and direction ensure that our customers’ needs remain at the centre.

If you’re interested in upping the productivity of your life insurance, visit our homepage at elevate.co.za or click here to get a quote online.

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